The Roofer Show Podcast is all about helping roofing contractors grow more profitable businesses through education. I’ve been impressed with what GAF has been doing to help recruitment to the industry and offering programs to raise the level of professionalism. In today’s episode, I interview trainer Rob Ballard to find out more.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • GAF educational programs: how Rob grew up in the roofing industry
  • The State of the Industry report and 2017’s #1 problem: the serious labor shortage in the workforce
  • How to get the word out to attract people to the roofing business
  • GAF’s efforts to help the labor shortage:
    • Hire a Hero program
    • Videos to help contractors with recruiting laborers
  • The NRCA’s certification program
  • The CARE program: teaching best practices in the industry
  • Why business skills are lacking on contractors
  • Why contractors should want to partner with GAF
  • GAF’s Well Roof maintenance program and how it works
  • Why a maintenance program is a wise decision for the customer and profitable for the roofing company
  • How a maintenance program gives you additional opportunities to keep in contact with your customers on a yearly basis
  • GAF’s Road Show, where contractors can see how to grow their business through maintenance and learn how to do maintenance and repair the right way
  • “Innovation and forward thinking are goals in our industry.”


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Email Rob: Rob Ballard

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