Facebook marketing and advertising is what’s going to separate you from your competition in 2018 when it comes to marketing your contracting business. In today’s interview, you’ll learn everything you need to know to set up a successful Facebook ad campaign.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why your website has to provide information and fulfill its primary purpose, which is to convert readers into leads
  • Why you need a website review
  • Common mistakes contractors make:
    • Neglecting your “About” page or using it as a sales page
    • Not giving prospects the confidence factors they need to contact you
    • Not using the “Contact Us” page properly and asking for too much info
    • Not having a mobile-friendly website
  • Benefits of Facebook marketing:
    • Nothing else competes with its cost and effectiveness
    • It casts a “wider net” than other advertising avenues
    • It fills a pipeline with people who need work done down the road
  • Five Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing:
    • The strategy of talking to as many people as possible
    • Clearly, identify your ideal customer
    • Using ad copy and images to get “clicks”
    • Think about where you send them when they click
    • Monitoring the results for success
  • Darren’s three secrets to improve the success of Facebook Ads


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