Do you know what the internet is saying about your business? In today’s interview with Aaron, you will learn how to control what is being said on online review sites and social media. We talk about how to set up a consistent process so you will get more positive reviews, the right review sites, how to handle a bad review, and much more.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Personal experience stories that show why online reviews matter:
  • My garage doors needed replacing, but I couldn’t remember what company put them in. I was happy with the workmanship, but why have I had NO contact from them? I googled several, read their reviews, and made a choice. What do YOUR reviews look like?
  • I needed new towels, so I looked on Amazon for the best reviews and the highest ratings. Knowing nothing about the towels other than the reviews, I made the purchase. Are YOU missing the boat compared to your competitors?
  • I had to go to the dentist and get a crown, to the tune of $1500. There was a “Leave a review for us on Google” sign, but I forgot to do it. They emailed three times until I finally clicked on the link and left a “happy” review. All they had to do was ask and make it easy! How persistent are you in getting reviews?
  • Let’s flashback to Episode 6 with Aaron Hockel:
    1. What is online reputation management?
    2. Why reviews matter
    3. The top five most important review sites for contractors
    4. How to control the review process
    5. Prepping the customer for solicitation of the review
    6. How to direct customers to the sites where you need improvement or only have a few reviews and to the Big Three (Google, Facebook, and Yelp)
    7. What is SERP?
    8. How to track reviews and handle bad reviews (they are inevitable, so be prepared!)
    9. What to do and what NOT to do about a bad review
    10. Aaron’s tips: go online, own your profile, and verify your information


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