The only way to grow a profitable roofing business for the long haul is to build an effective sales team. On today’s podcast, I talk sales with Becca Switzer, owner of Roof Sales Mastery. Becca teaches roofing contractors how to find, hire, and train successful salespeople with her proven step-by-step system that avoids all the typical mistakes most business owners make.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why a great sales team makes ALL the difference in your business
  • “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” –Henry Ford
  • Becca’s background and the path that led her HERE
  • Who should I hire?
    1. What NOT to do
    2. Leave what you did in the past
    3. Don’t hire people already in the industry
  • How should I pay?
    1. The problem with straight commission
    2. The “pay-per-appointment” strategy
  • Mistakes that salesmen make:
    1. Wasting time with details, being the “telemarketing call robot”
    2. Not knocking on doors at the right time of day
  • Tips for struggling salesmen:
    1. Seek out legitimate training
    2. Sound like a “normal human being”
    3. Acknowledge how they feel
    4. Apologize for knocking on their door
    5. Use a name-drop


Becca’s website: Roof Sales Mastery  (Find her courses here, too!)

Find Becca on youtube and Facebook: Roof Sales Mastery

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