My salespeople had a favorite “Whine”—”Homeowners only care about the price and we’re too expensive.” When in fact, survey after survey tells us that price is rarely the main reason why homeowners select a particular contractor. In today’s interview, I discuss the sales process you need to get your price, with expert John DeRosa.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • John’s work as director of contractor training and customer experience at SRS Distribution, including travel and seminars
  • His 25 years in the building material industry after initially training to be a chef
  • The focus on customers’ needs in a consulting role
  • Focusing on customer success with their business skills
  • Changing the consumer’s perception of contractors and the price-driven sale
  • Showing the homeowner the value you bring to the process
  • Why you can’t let the decision come down solely to price
  • Show the differentiation between you and the competition
  • Ask the questions—and then, LISTEN!
  • Show the homeowner that all contractors are not created equal
  • Closing the sale and making the homeowner feel like they are getting a great deal
  • Improving sales skills
  • The #1 reason contractors fail? Not charging enough
  • The upcoming IRE in New Orleans and John’s topics: Keys to Escape the Price-driven Sale and Priorities that Drive Profitability
  • How to overcome the phenomenon of “sales guilt”
  • Working with the homeowner in structuring their affordable roof system
  • John’s best sales advice: Learn to de-brief after every sales interaction

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