If you think you will just sell your business and retire, think again. Very few roofing businesses will end in a sale or transfer to the next generation. Most will just close their doors. Join us to hear how, with careful planning, you can avoid the dreaded 4 D’s that kill so many businesses.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Setting up corporate structure: why you should avoid sole proprietorship structure
  • Why your personal money MUST be separate from the company’s money
  • Scott’s tips to avoid “losing the corporate veil”
  • The Four D’s that can kill your business, and how to avoid them (or at least minimize the damage):
    1. Dissolution—Have policies (like a “Shoot-out Provision”) in place to protect a 50/50 partnership
    2. Divorce—Have a written agreement to give notice of a buyout opportunity in case of a divorce
    3. Death—Have an agreed valuation every year, have life insurance in place, and have a plan in the event of the owner’s death or retirement
    4. Disability—Have disability insurance, talk about the possibility, and put your plan down on paper. Plan ahead!
  • Plan ahead for the 2nd generation of your business and think about your business 10 years from now.
  • “What we’re discussing are ways to protect and preserve the business from potential issues that you can avoid if you simply take the direct and up-front approach of doing proper planning, considering the issues, and putting measures in place.”


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