A good contract can be a roofer’s best friend because it will contain terms that will assist the roofer in collecting money or defending claims. In today’s interview, we’ll discuss the provisions that every residential roofing contract should include.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Trent’s background in construction and his career, which has been 100% focused on construction law for 20 years
  • The purposes of contracts: to protect the roofer and educate the client
  • The Five Key Provisions in Residential Roofing Contracts:
    1. The scope of work: Say what you ARE and ARE NOT going to do
    2. Notice provisions: Address potential problems before they get out of control
    3. Payment provisions: Be proactive in limiting liability
    4. Roofing-specific provisions: Include damage to other property, color-matching, ponding water, etc.
    5. Disclaimers: Address all exclusions
  • The pros and cons of having an arbitration clause in your contract
  • The benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (before arbitration)
  • How to construct a useful contract that is roofing-based
  • Don’t be a “Frankenstein Contract” user
  • Why customer service solves a lot of legal problems
  • A KEY for any roofer: managing customer expectations
  • “The best way to win an argument is to avoid it!” (Do the work up-front and avoid the argument!)
  • Trent’s work with the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club


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