Do you spend your days just putting out fires instead of feeling in control and growing your business?

In today’s interview with business coach Tony Booth, you’ll learn how to take a step back and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company using The Contractor’s Evaluation Wheel.

This simple tool helps you look at the eight key areas you need to master to run a successful contracting business. We discuss the questions you need to answer to stay in control and know exactly where to focus your efforts to maximize profitability.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Tony’s Contracting Coachcast podcast—3 years strong!
  • What the podcast covers: common sense vs common practice
  • The Contractor’s Evaluation Wheel—8 key areas of your business:
    1. The brand and awareness: What does the market think of us and how are we different?
    2. Sales and marketing: Who is our ideal customer and what do we do to reach them?
    3. Estimating: How do we determine if the job is a “go” or a “no-go”?
    4. Project planning: How are we going to be successful?
    5. Project management: How well is my project team communicating?
    6. Accounting: Do we have accurate bookkeeping?
    7. Resources: Do I have adequate staff to get the job done, and do my employees feel like part of the team?
    8. Management and controls: Do I have an overall budget and a clear organizational chart?
  • What’s next for Tony’s podcast, including upcoming courses


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